What are Implant-Stabilized Dentures?

San Diego dentures secured with implants

One of the biggest disadvantages to traditional dentures is a reduced ability to bite and chew food. The reason for this is that they are so unstable in the mouth. Increased stability one of the reasons that implant-supported dentures from Marcos Ortega DDS in San Diego are a better option.

Traditional dentures are unstable because they sit directly on the gums. They can steadied with adhesive, but it’s the underlying jaw bone that supports them. Biting or chewing too hard on something can result in discomfort. The uppers have an added plate to help stabilize them, but this causes another drawback: interfering with the ability to taste.

Most people who switch from traditional to implant-supported overdentures say their ability to bite, chew, and taste is greatly improved. Most wearers also say that implant-supported dentures are a lot more comfortable.

In case you haven’t heard, dental implants are metal posts that are placed in the jaw, where they fuse with the bone. Multiple implants can anchor a full dental arch. They also help to preserve bone mass, because by chewing they stimulate the bone enough to prevent bone recession.

Implant-supported dentures from Marcos Ortega DDS in San Diego are state-of-the-art. People from Hillcrest, Mission Hills, and Bankers Hill come to our office for them, and also take advantage of our complete general dentistry. Call us to schedule an appointment today!

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