3 Reasons Not To Skip A Dental Checkup

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Life gets busy. Sometimes it seems impossible to keep up with everything you “gotta do”. At Marcos Ortega DDS, we understand that. But we urge you to think twice before you cancel or postpone a dental checkup because you think it’s less important than the other twenty items on your to-do list. Twice-yearly dental exams […]

Sinus Pain Or Abscessed Tooth?

Sinus Pain Or Abscessed Tooth?

Your maxillary sinuses are very close upstairs neighbors of your top teeth. In some areas, only a sliver of tissue separates the upper tooth roots from the bottom of the sinus cavity. It’s no wonder that when there is pain in that general area, the individual location can be hard to pinpoint. Allergies, infections, and […]

Inlays/Onlays: Less Invasive Than Complete Crowns

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Restorative dentistry has advanced significantly over the years and there are now several effective ways to fix decayed teeth. In today’s post, we are going to focus on two similar types of restorations: dental inlays and onlays. Where possible, an inlay or an onlay can be a less-invasive substitute for a complete crown and either […]

5 Critical Things To Know About Periodontal Disease

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Periodontal disease, frequently called gum disease, is inflammation or infection of the gums. For the most part, periodontal disease is preventable. This condition is so prevalent in the US that it has been called a ‘health crisis’ by the ADA. Fortunately, periodontal disease can be treated. If left untreated, it can cause permanent damage such […]

Crown Or Veneer?

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Cosmetic dentistry procedures such as dental implants, crowns and veneers effectively restore your smile. Call the caring staff at Marcos Ortega DDS to schedule a consultation today. We serve the San Diego area.

Kids Who Like Dental Visits?

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At Marcos Ortega DDS, we are proud of the fact that the majority of our young patients enjoy visiting our office for their checkups, cleanings, and treatments. We believe that creating a relationship with an experienced, friendly dentist is a fundamental responsibility for parents. The Oral Health-Physical Health Connection Optimal physical health for children is […]

Smile Necessities And Possibilities

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Cosmetic dentistry provides many options for patients seeking smile makeovers. Dr. Marcos Ortega DDS offers teeth whitening, dental implants, Invisalign, and more. Give us a call to schedule a dental checkup or restorative dental care appointment today.

Pamper Yourself With Professional Teeth Whitening

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Do you ever treat yourself to a few hours of pampering and leave feeling relaxed and refreshed? Perhaps you get a massage or have dinner at a nice San Diego restaurant. Have you ever thought about getting your teeth whitened? You get to relax in a comfy chair and enjoy a bright smile when you […]

Who’s Afraid Of The Big, Bad…Dentist?

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People that are plagued with dental phobia (Dentophobia) may take comfort in the fact that it is a fairly common condition. At least they know they are not alone and that the medical community takes it seriously. Phobias like Pteromerhanophobia: (the fear of flying) and Acrophobibia (the fear of heights) can be problematic, but a […]

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