Tooth Knocked Out? Call 619-295-4545 ASAP!

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It may sound like a catastrophe to many San Diego area dental patients, but having a tooth knocked out doesn’t always mean you’ll need cosmetic dentistry to fix your smile. If you can keep a cool head and remember a few simple instructions, chances are your tooth can be saved. The most important things for patients […]

Gritting Your Teeth: Stress And Your Smile

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San Diego how stress hurts your teeth

The team at Marcos Ortega DDS in San Diego cares about your smile. Did you know that stress can also impact your oral health?  Here are some dental problems linked to stress. Canker and Cold Sores Cold sores are a symptom of the herpes simplex virus. Scientists don’t know exactly what causes canker sores but suspect […]

3 Ways to Minimize Candy Intake at Parties

At Marcos Ortega DDS in San Diego, we understand how hard it is to avoid sweets altogether at parties and other gatherings. We encourage healthy living for all of our patients. Here are 3 quick tips to help you minimize candy intake at parties: Have a healthy snack before you go. You’re less likely to […]

Reinvent Yourself With A Smile Makeover

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A smile makeover can boost your confidence for an upcoming job interview, promotion or new relationship. The process may include teeth whitening, invisible braces, veneers, dental implants, or gum tissue graft surgery. We want to create the perfect smile for you at Marcos Ortega DDS in San Diego where we create beautiful smiles for our cosmetic dentistry […]

Beautiful Teeth Without Breaking The Bank

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At Marcos Ortega DDS in San Diego, our smile redesign patients believe that life-changing cosmetic dentistry is a worthwhile investment. Indeed, for most people, the value of a healthy smile is something you can’t measure in dollars.  We recognize, however, that cosmetic dentistry is not cheap. Do you have to spend thousands of dollars to […]

What To Do If Your Crown Comes Off

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Quite often, people get stressed out if their dental crown moves or comes off completely. It may have shifted or come off while brushing, flossing, or even simply eating. Call us at Marcos Ortega DDS in San Diego. You may need emergency dental care. In the meantime, this is what to do: THERE ARE THREE STEPS: […]

Advanced Dental Technology At Marcos Ortega DDS

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Dental technology is ever evolving. Dental crowns and dental implants in San Diego look like “real teeth” because of the advances made in lasers, x-rays and other applications. Following are some of the state of the art technology that helps Marcos Ortega DDS better serve their patients. CAD/CAM CAD (computer-aided design) and CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) are […]

How Much Do You Know About Gum Disease?

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A healthy smile needs decay-free teeth and healthy gums. At Marcos Ortega DDS in San Diego, we’ve seen a variety of issues in our patients’ gums. Which of the items below are risk factors for gum disease (periodontitis)? a. Pregnancy b. Overbite c. Diabetes d. Heredity All of the above. Pregnancy, menopause, or any other condition […]

Are You At Risk For Bone Recession?

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A healthy smile needs decay-free teeth and healthy gums, as well as a healthy jawbone. Our teeth need a strong firm foundation to remain healthy and beautiful. At Marcos Ortega DDS we’ve seen a variety of issues in our patients’ jaw health. Today’s post looks at bone recession. Occasionally, a patient experiences bone recession in […]