Dental Financing Options

Dr. Marcos Ortega is happy to offer options to make top-quality dental care affordable for everyone in downtown San Diego. If you are concerned about whether you can afford any dental work you need done, Care Credit could be the answer you’re looking for. For more information about how Care Credit works: >>Click Here

Care Credit Application

To apply for Care Credit assistance with Dr. Marcos Ortega in Hillcrest – Downtown San Diego, follow this link:


Sunbit Dental Financing

To apply for Sunbit financial assistance for Dr. Marcos Ortega in Downtown San Diego, follow this link:

Dental Warranty

Downtown San Diego Dentist Dr. Marcos Ortega Dental Warranty

The Dental Warranty Corp seal of approval is given only to select dentists with a proven history of delivering the highest quality dental care and because of that can issue a full repair/replacement dental warranty to every patient on every eligible treatment.