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Invisalign Clear Braces


Invisalign clear braces are a modern and comfortable alternative for straightening teeth. These invisible braces are a high-tech system of clear aligners that fit snugly over your teeth to create pressure that will gently reposition your teeth over a period of time.

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INVISALIGN WORKS! | The purpose of braces is to straighten teeth, right? Invisalign does exactly that. Invisalign is not a gimmick. The Invisalign treatment truly aligns teeth to create an ideal smile.Invisalign Clear Braces Straighten Teeth in San Diego Invisibly!

BETTER ORAL HYGIENE | No pesky special flosses or constant teeth brushes for you. When it’s time to eat, simply pop your Invisalign trays out and enjoy eating without having to worry about having a new work of art stuck between your braces. When it is time to brush and floss, you will be able to do it just like you normally would.

INVISIBLE | Our patients LOVE how discreet their Invisalign clear braces are. You don’t have to worry about obnoxious wires distracting people when you talk to them, laugh or smile. Invisalign is perfect for teen patients or older adults who worry about how they’d look with traditional braces.

TEETH STRAIGHTENING FAST | Incredibly, the whole Invisalign treatment is usually complete in 6-12 months. That means not only will people hardly recognize you’re wearing clear braces, you will only have to wear them for a brief period of time as well. Score.

Patients from Hillcrest - downtown San Diego are asking what is Invisalign invisible braces?INVISIBLE BRACES

Say goodbye to ugly wires, painful bands, and brackets. Say farewell to aching gums and mouth sores that result from having a mouth full of metal. Say adios to long and complicated brushing and flossing routines, and uncomfortable visits to the orthodontist.



With Invisalign, you can expect these benefits:

  • Braces are clear and nearly invisible.
  • Invisalign is specifically designed to be smooth and comfortable.
  • Aligner trays are easily removable.
  • Invisalign has no food restrictions, meaning you can eat anything you like without worrying.
  • Few dentist visits required for maintenance.

Traditional braces, while effective, might also mean the following:

  • Metal in the braces is obvious.
  • Wires and brackets can poke and irritate gums and cheeks.
  • Traditional braces are non-removable.
  • Wire braces come with several food restrictions.
  • Frequent maintenance visits are required.

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Apart from the direct benefits of using Invisalign braces, you will also benefit from the indirect health benefits of straight teeth. Food and bacteria can easily grow and multiply when teeth are improperly spaced. Swollen, painful gums are often a result of overcrowded teeth or teeth that are spaced too far apart. These symptoms may also be signs of periodontal disease.

When teeth are properly aligned, the gums fit more securely around the teeth, providing a strong defense against bacteria and periodontal disease. Because you can remove Invisalign clear braces to brush and floss, it’s much easier to follow through with a proper dental hygiene program. Good hygiene and straight, well-spaced teeth ensure optimal oral health. When you choose Invisalign clear braces, you are also choosing better health.

Invisalign Clear Braces FAQ

How long will treatment take?
How long the treatment lasts depends on how severe your case is. The average treatment takes about 12 months for adults, but the length of treatment time for teens can vary.

Your dentist will be able to better answer this question for you when you are evaluated for Invisalign clear braces.

How often do I need to wear my aligners?
Aligners should be worn 20 to 22 hours a day. They can be removed to eat and for brushing and flossing.
How often do I need to see my Invisalign dentist or orthodontist?
Generally, you can expect to see your dentist once every 4 to 6 weeks to check on progress.
Will Invisalign treatment be painful?
You may experience discomfort for a few days after changing aligners. Most often this is a result of the pressure of the new aligner.

Taking an ibuprofen or other pain reliever generally resolves the discomfort quickly.

Can I just wear the aligners at night when I sleep?
No. To be effective, aligners need to be worn no less than 20 to 22 hours a day.
Can I chew gum while wearing my aligners?
No, but you can take out the aligners and chew gum for a short period of time.
I already wear braces. Can I switch to Invisalign?
Many patients are treated with a combination of traditional braces and Invisalign invisible braces. Speak with your Invisalign dentist, Dr. Ortega,  to determine the best course of treatment for your condition and situation.
Will Invisalign work with veneers?
If you have veneers, it is best to check with a trained Invisalign orthodontist to determine whether Invisalign invisible braces are the right choice for your particular situation.
I currently have bridgework on several teeth. Will Invisalign work for me?
A bridge connects one or more teeth to surrounding teeth. The nature of this bridgework is to prevent teeth from moving.

Invisalign aligners are designed to move teeth, so Invisalign aligners will not work very effectively on bridgework. Depending on how much bridgework you have and where the bridge is located ultimately determines whether Invisalign is a viable treatment option.

Consult with a trained Invisalign orthodontist to discuss your specific situation.

What is the cost of Invisalign?
Invisalign treatment cost varies based on how complex your case is, but on average, the cost of Invisalign will be between $3,000 and $8,000.

If you have more questions about Invisalign, please give our practice a call or contact us using the form on this page. Our dental office is located in Hillcrest – downtown San Diego.

How Does Invisalign Work?

The Invisalign clear aligner treatment commences with a visit to San Diego Invisalign dentist Dr. Marcos Ortega. Dr. Ortega will help you determine if Invisalign is the right option for you to straighten teeth. If so, Dr. Ortega and his staff will take impressions of your teeth.

Once your teeth impressions are plugged into the Invisalign software, it will graph out and create a sequential series of clear aligner trays (hence clear braces) that will gradually align your teeth to the desired state as you wear them. The period of time and number of aligners needed to straighten teeth depend on the degree of alignment needed.

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If you’re ready to start straightening your teeth, call our office to learn more about how Invisalign clear braces can help, or set up a free consultation at our San Diego office. You can also message us using the contact form below. We look forward to helping you transform your smile!

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