Hillcrest San Diego Dentist Reviews


“I have been going to Dr. Ortega for a very long time…probably eight years or more. Dr. Ortega and his staff take great pride in their work and it is done to perfection. When you walk into his office, you immediately feel relaxed. The atmosphere is clean, serene, and inviting. I enjoy the view from the rooms. Dr. Ortega is friendly, professional, and pleasant to talk with. He also has a beautiful set of teeth himself. If you don’t have a dentist, try Dr. Ortega. I’m sure you’ll be very pleased!”
-Christine D


Personable, professional

“Dr. Ortega is a class act. He gives good dental care and gives you choices based on your budget and lifestyle.”
-Jared N


A Great Dentist

“Dr. Ortega is the best. Your comfort and peace of mind is his primary concern.”
-Shannon J


It’s Fun to See the Dentist

“I always enjoy seeing Dr. Ortega and his staff. It makes going to the dentist almost fun. Along with excellent state- of- the- art dental care, the office is a very pleasant place because of the people who work there. Dr. Ortega is very concerned with his patient’s good dental health and will see his patients very quickly in case of an emergency or even a semi-emergency.”
-Karen J


A great dentist with a fantastic staff!

“We searched for a while and Dr. Ortega is wonderful. All of his hygenists are fantastic and his front office staff rocks!”
-Kate P



best in the biz!

“From walking in and greeted with a warm smile to a professional and educational cleaning experience, no one is better than the staff at Dr. Ortegas!”
-Ty Y



Dr Marcos Ortega and Staff

“You will look a long time to find a dentist and staff who are this caring and good, it took me 50 years!”
-Richard A



Best dentist on the planet!!!

“I’m notoriously skittish when it comes to dental visits (due to unpleasant experiences in the past with other dentists). So it’s with great enthusiasm that I HIGHLY reccommend Dr. Ortega and his staff, whether you’re a denta-phobe or not. They caringly alleviate any anxiety one might have so you’re more inclined to keep up on your dental health. Dr. Ortega is a perfectionist and takes his time with each patient. His staff is equally wonderful and will work with you on payment and insurance issues. I love these people! Sincerely, an Ex-Scardy Cat.”
-Denise S




“This a GREAT Dentist folks. Do not think twice about letting him fix your teeth… If you want to speak to me about it feel free to call 760 634-0204”
-Michael K



Extremely Happy ๐Ÿ™‚

“I have not had a nice smile in years! After loosing most of my teeth due to medications. I had a bottom denture I had never been able to wear (very uncomfortable)and a upper front partial (ugly)made by a former dentist that just didn’t care. Dr. Ortega and his staff are wonderfull! He listens to your concerns and involves you in every way with your treatment plan. The office staff are friendly and try to accomadate scheduling to your availability. I recently got my new smile and I’m extremely happy with the results! I used the sedation meds, which I would recommend to anyone.”
-Shirley M

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