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Teeth Whitening Smiling Woman - Marcos Ortega DDS Hillcrest San DiegoDr. Marcos Ortega treats cosmetic dentistry patients that are consistently amazed at how big of a difference teeth whitening (a.k.a. “tooth bleaching“) makes in their smile AND overall appearance.

“Wow! I just can’t believe what a difference ZOOM! has made for my smile! When complete strangers started complimenting me on my great looking teeth, it made my week. Thank you again for the great service! You have a customer for life!”
-Carmen L.A.
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Tooth whitening is one of the least expensive and most effective cosmetic dentistry treatments and Dr. Ortega is proud to offer some of the best tooth bleaching options available. With the in-office Zoom tooth whitening technique, we can give you a whiter, brighter smile in about the time most people take for lunch. Or, if you prefer, we can customize take-home, teeth whitening trays (mentioned above) for home use.
Zoom teeth whitening is available from Marcos Ortega DDS in Hillcrest San Diego


One of the most effective ways to whiten teeth is to use tooth bleaching trays. These trays are fitted to your mouth. A special tooth whitening gel is inserted into the trays and then the patient places the trays with gel over their teeth for a period of time (Dr. Ortega will help you determine the best time period). This process is repeated for anywhere from one week to three weeks and even longer in some cases. You will see your teeth whitening noticeably over this time and love how much brighter and fresher you and your smile look.

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Teeth whitening is such a popular choice with our patients for a variety of reasons. Having white teeth makes patients more confident in their looks. It also impacts how other people view us – research indicates that others perceive you as being more trustworthy as well as professionally successful if you have bright white teeth.

Call our dental office in Hillcrest – downtown San Diego today to schedule a tooth whitening appointment – and don’t forget to ask about Zoom tooth bleaching take-home kits! If you would rather email us and have us call you at a later time, just message us using the form below and we will be glad to contact you. We look forward to helping you whiten your smile!