Change Your Life In 4 Steps

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Implant-supported dentures may sound like a dream come true: dentures that are attached to the jaw, and surpass traditional dentures in appearance and functionality. At Marcos Ortega DDS in San Diego CA, they are a reality! When it comes to artificial teeth, implant-supported dentures are a whole new ballgame. Here is the process: Examination and […]

The Advantages of Dental Implants

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If you’re among the millions of Americans who have lost one of their natural teeth, dental implants from Marcos Ortega DDS in San Diego CA are an ideal solution. Dental implants have many advantages over other tooth-replacement options. One of the biggest advantages is that implants not only support lifelike artificial teeth, they support the […]

5 Ways To Fix A Chipped Tooth

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In a perfect world, each of your teeth would stay healthy, strong, and brilliantly white throughout your life. Unfortunately, most of us will need to restore a tooth at some point. At Marcos Ortega DDS in San Diego CA, we can help. A tooth can be compromised by decay, enamel erosion, a chip or crack, […]