Root Canal vs Dental Implant in San Diego

root canal vs tooth implant in san diego

When a tooth’s nerve and pulp becomes infected, a dentist and patient must make a difficult choice of whether to attempt to save the tooth by completing a root canal or to extract the tooth and replace it with a dental implant in San Diego.

There are several factors that affect this choice. These include whether there is an infection in the surrounding bone, the amount and condition of the remaining tooth structure, the strength of the supporting bone, and the presence of gum disease.

In a root canal procedure, the dentist removes the nerve and pulp of the tooth. This tissue contains veins, arteries, and lymph vessels. The dentist or endodontist uses files of various sizes to clean out the canals. Once the roots are cleaned out and widened, they are filled with a special rubber material that seals them off.

The root canal is the first step in the complete tooth restoration. After the root canal, without a crown, the tooth will probably become dry and brittle. The final steps are the core build-up and crown placement. A strong, natural-looking crown protects the remaining tooth and functions like a natural tooth.

A root canal is typically the most conservative treatment when a root is infected or a tooth has severe decay or damage. Endodontic treatment has a very high success rate, but there is always a slight possibility that a tooth with a root canal can have complications down the road. If there was a tiny crack in the treated tooth, it can become re-infected. A tooth with curved roots are harder to fill and they can also become re-infected. Occasionally, the tip of a file can break off in a root during the procedure and cause problems.

Due to the slight risk of failure, some patients question whether they should just get a dental implant in San Diego. This is not a black and white decision, because like root canals, a dental implant in San Diego can have a high success rate. But there are risks with dental implants, as well.

If you have been told that a root canal or a dental implant is necessary, talk with your dentist about the pros and cons of each procedure. If you do not currently have a dentist, I invite you to schedule a consultation at Marcos Ortega DDS. You can depend on Marcos Ortega for important, unbiased information so you can make an informed decision about your dental treatment.

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