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Superficial cuts in the skin vanish without a trace, infections are eradicated with antibiotics, broken bones mend, and inflamed tissues abate. Our teeth, unfortunately, can’t regenerate. Decay can be halted in its progress, but scientists are still years away from actual enamel regeneration. That’s why the team at Marcos Ortega DDS strongly emphasizes preventative dentistry.

Improving Oral Health with Dental Fillings in Hillcrest

The healthiest mouths have all teeth intact and free of current or former cavities. But how many smiles can boast such an admirable record? Very few. The stark reality is that most men and women get one or more cavities over the course of their lifetime.

In fact, most individuals in California probably don’t even know someone who has never had a cavity. Tooth decay is second only to the common cold as the most frequent health trouble in childhood. When we reach middle age, many of us have even had a root canal or two. Depending on the size of the cavity, after cleaning and preparing the tooth, Dr. Ortega can fill it, place a crown, or perform a root canal. Dental fillings in Hillcrest are one of the most effective ways of restoring your smile without compromising its durability.

Restorations Have Come a Long Way

Modern restorations have many advantages over those in years past. There are stronger and more natural-looking materials. Many of our patients at Marcos Ortega DDS who have not had a filling for a while, are not aware that tooth-colored fillings are now available. You can even replace old amalgam fillings with white dental fillings in Hillcrest and give your mouth a complete makeover! When a tooth is compromised by injury or decay, it may never look or feel the same. But now, with modern dental fillings and crowns, it can regain durability and beauty. For more information about other services such as teeth whitening or dental implants, give us a call!

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