Pamper Yourself With Professional Teeth Whitening

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fast teeth whitening San Diego

Do you ever treat yourself to a few hours of pampering and leave feeling relaxed and refreshed? Perhaps you get a massage or have dinner at a nice San Diego restaurant. Have you ever thought about getting your teeth whitened? You get to relax in a comfy chair and enjoy a bright smile when you […]

Who’s Afraid Of The Big, Bad…Dentist?

sleep dentistry San Diego

People that are plagued with dental phobia (Dentophobia) may take comfort in the fact that it is a fairly common condition. At least they know they are not alone and that the medical community takes it seriously. Phobias like Pteromerhanophobia: (the fear of flying) and Acrophobibia (the fear of heights) can be problematic, but a […]

Healthy Habits To Keep You Smiling

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tips for healthy teeth San Diego

In today’s post, we will focus on important behaviors that impact oral health. Of course, effective brushing and flossing are two important habits for healthy teeth, but there are many more things we can do to preserve a healthy smile. Diet Do’s Do eat a nutritious diet with a variety of foods. This is required […]

Why a Water Flosser Might be a Good Idea

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San Diego should I use waterpik?

Today, we’re reviewing the water flosser, also known as interdental cleaner, interdental irrigator, or water jet. The first water-shooting device for cleaning between teeth was developed in the early 1960’s by Colorado dentist Dr. Gerald Moyer and John Mattingly, a hydraulics engineer. The device is now known by the brand name Waterpik, though many people […]

Suspect A Bite Problem?

malocclusion examination San Diego

Hello! I’m Marcos Ortega, DDS, of Marcos Ortega DDS in San Diego. Thanks for visiting my dental blog. The topic of today’s post is malocclusion – literally – “bad bite”. Edward Angle, a pioneer in modern orthodontics invented the term malocclusion. Malocclusion is fairly common in the population as a whole but, fortunately, in most […]

Take Care Of Your Toothbrush!

San Diego Dental Patients Take Care Of Your Toothbrush!

The common household toothbrush. Every San Diego home has at least one, and hopefully all San Diego residents are brushing their teeth after each meal. While cosmetic dentistry and a complete smile makeover seem to be all the rage these days, daily brushing is still the most important thing you can do for your oral […]

How To Get The Whitest Teeth

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teeth whitening San Diego

Some people’s teeth are whiter than others, but I think it’s safe to say that most of us San Diego residents want our teeth to be pearly white! If you are one of those people, then Marcos Ortega DDS can help you achieve that remarkable smile you deserve. Today we want to share some tips […]

If My Gums Bleed, Should I Stop Flossing?

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bleeding gums San Diego

This is an important question occasionally asked by patients at Marcos Ortega DDS. The answer, however, is “No!” Bleeding is probably a sign that you need to clean your teeth and gums more thoroughly – not leave them alone. It is impossible to clean effectively between teeth without using floss or an interdental brush. If […]

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