Here’s Why You Should Visit The Dentist

Why Visit The Dentist?At Marcos Ortega DDS, your premier general and cosmetic dentistry practice in the San Diego area, we firmly believe that visits to the dentist are a vital part of your personal health. Wondering why? Well, teeth won’t stay healthy without consistent dental visits. From the obvious functional utility to the important cosmetic nature of teeth, you literally can’t live without them.

Let’s face it, the teeth are a foundation of health. We use them to eat every day. The status of our teeth can also impose needless restrictions on our diet. With no teeth at all, your diet might be so restricted that you don’t get the necessary nutrition.

For those who don’t have teeth, this is a sobering realization. Dentures and other prosthetic solutions can help. There are substitutes for the real thing, but having your own real teeth is preferred.

On the cosmetic side, there isn’t a better alternative to a naturally bright and toothy smile. It just may be the most noticeable element on your face. Having an attractive healthy smile is more than just a nice set of teeth, it contributes to personal interactions and self-esteem.

Aging, combined with poor dental hygiene, can be quite perilous for teeth. The simple process of eating causes wear and tear. A continuous bacterial onslaught threatens the protective enamel. Cavities and trauma round out the list of detriments that could separate you from your teeth.Healthy oral habits are, of course, the best way to keep your teeth in great shape. Practicing proper oral hygiene daily with pay off throughout your life.

Again, that is why regular dental visits are also vital. A dentist can help you improve the health of your teeth. Your teeth are central to your overall health. Our team at Marcos Ortega DDS is your premier general and cosmetic dentistry practice in the San Diego area. We can help you discover any problems with oral health before they become destructive. We offer Invisalign Invisible braces, tooth-colored fillings, dental veneers, and dental implants, as well as a host of other general dentistry options. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to schedule an appointment today.

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