6 Ways To Prepare For Your Dental Procedure At Marcos Ortega DDS

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6 Ways To Prepare For Your Dental Procedure At Marcos Ortega DDS

Scared of dental visits or even dental crowns? Let Marcos Ortega DDS offer 6 ways to prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and physically before your big dental day.

1. Remember Dr. Marcos Ortega is trained to provide the best care and comfort possible.

2. Take some time to relax and consider what you are anxious about. Take deep breaths in and slowly let them out as you weigh the reasons for and against taking these steps to a better smile. Remember that many San Diego folks have been in your shoes and passed with flying colors. Especially all of our visitors who came in for porcelain veneers, our most popular service.

3. Know your medical history. You may be asked to fill out a medical history and medications form, so be sure you know what medications and supplements you are currently taking and review past hospitalizations and illnesses.

4. Have a dental plan. Come in for a thorough consultation. If we are aware of your dental goals, then we’ll know if combining any of it can save you time and money. We offer dental implants, sedation dentistry, dental crowns, teeth whitening, and restorative dentistry to name just a few.

5. Trust the outstanding staff at Marcos Ortega DDS to guide you through the before, during and after process. We’ve been doing this since 1986.

6. Our final and most important suggestion! Ask all the questions that you actually want answered before you have dental tools and gloved hands in your mouth!

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